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Choose your group!

2008-05-14 04:26:06 by gr33k-prty-b0y

Based on my forum thread.

Everyone has their groups at school or out of it. Which one are you.

Strength - 4/5
Intelligence - 3/5
Social Acceptance - 4/5

The guitarist, drummers, bassist or just a plain rocker. Most actually have lives and some make good music. There are certain types of rockers, but most stick together.

Special Attacks:
Guitar Smash - a c a b b a
Drum Roll - c a b a b a
Head Bang - b b b a c a

Apprentice: Rebels

Strength - 5/5
Intellegence - 2/5
Social Acceptance - 4/5

The Bad-asses. These are the real gangsters that stick together and have biceps the size of mount everest. Weaponry is an option for this but can do well with just their plain fists.

Special Attacks:
Shizzle Nizzler - a c c c b a
Get out ma Face - c a b c a b
Rap battle - b b a c a b

Aprentice: Wiggers

Strength - 1/5
Intellegence - 5/5
Social Acceptance - 2/5

These guys may look weak and harmless. Well they are, almost. They can't fight but they have the ability to send you on the streets and destroy your social life by hacking your computer and hacking your bank account and deleting everything. Delete these guys quick before they do damage.

Special Attacks:
Hack - a a c c b b
Pocket Protect - b a c b a c
Homework - c c c c b a

Apprentice: Freshmans

Strength - 0/5
Intelligence - 0/5
Social Acceptance - 0/5

Practically useless because by the time you hit them they've already killed themselves.

Special Attacks:
Suicide: a a a a a a
Cry: b b b b b b
Youtube rant: c c c c c c

Apprentice: Goths

Baptism of Flash

2008-05-01 07:46:20 by gr33k-prty-b0y

Well, I've made my first flash and it made it through ^^. Anyways it wasn't that good so I'll definately put more effort in future animations. I made the flash in a day so it aint that good at all. I'm so impatient and feel I have to submit the flash asap.

well it looks like it's my bday and christmas here come the prezzies

for bday im getting zelda phantom hourglass for christmas probs some dvd's.....anyways in my last post i said i was gonna make a sit load of reviews but only got to make 14 or whistle satus went to garbage then back to normal and i hope to keep it that way.

Hello!! =P

2007-08-31 20:17:39 by gr33k-prty-b0y

Well this is my new account, although I've been using NG for like 5 years. I'll just be writing a s**t load of reviews in I'll try to get more experience (including BLAM and PROTECT). And yes, I'm one of those guys that SOMETIMES writes those long reviews telling people how I liked it in every way. Anyways I'm off cyaz.

P.S. I don't know why I'm writing this I don't think anyones gonna care =P.


Punched by Mike Tyson - Kicked in the head by bruce lee
Stay in a cell with a huge guy that will knock u out in a second for a day -sleep in a graveyard for a week
hit in the head by the greatest batsman in the world - bruce lee hitting you with num chucks
french kiss your mum - the ugliest woman in the world
make love to the sexiest man in the world - to the ugliest woman in the world
be hitler - osama
slow painful pain but live - fast painless death
listen to classical music for all your life - country music all your life